Article : Is She Faking It?

This is a subject that has plagued man’s curiosity for ages; most likely because the problem is pervasive and of a pandemic proportion. I informally polled 15 female friends and the result was that all of them admitted that, at one time or another, they’ve faked an orgasm. Yup, that’s right, at some point, it is highly likely that your girl has padded your ego, screamed aloud, and didn’t feel more than the jolt she feels after a bite of dark chocolate — maybe even less than that.

While I’m certain that more than half of all women have faked an orgasm, not all of them fake it all the time. But how can you tell? Read on and I’ll explain why she might fake it, how you can tell if she’s faking or not, and provide you with tips on what to do about it.

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