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Sex with wife’s virgin cousin

I knew the time has come and I kissed her on the kips. They were soft like rose petals never touched or felt by anything in this world. I felt the passion running down her. The women in her was rising slowly and the beast in me too. She was reciprocating in her own sweet ways by feeling my hair and making those occasional moans. I moved my lips all over her face and sucking her lips, cheek and neck like crazy. This went on for almost 15-20 minutes and by this time I saw a completely different Pradnya. She had so much hunger in her eyes and I felt that she may eat me. I undressed myself to my underwear and made her feel me. She was fascinated to see my body since I have a good athletic built. She made her first move when she came over me and started kissing my chest to my stomach. Everything she was doing was a great experience by itself since it was completely unexpected for me. Never in my life had I thought that I would actually have sex with a 16 yr old girl.

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    Sandra Says:

    We went over to my bed and started kissing passionately. Then I felt his hands unbuttoning my top and he let his lips slide down from my lips to my neck. Slowly nibbling and licking. Before I knew it my top and bra were off. I was standing in front of him half naked. He kept kissing and licking my neck while helping me remove my pants and panties. After getting fully naked I helped him undress. His cock looked so much better when the light was on. I put my lips on top of his 8 inch cock and started licking the head slowly. In a few minutes I was moving my head up and down his cock, he was holding my hair so it wouldn’t come in the way and disturb me. Soon he was ready to cum. I stopped sucking and waited for him to calm down. He then asked me to lie down while he went down on me. He proceeded to eat me out. Sucking and licking me. I was starting to make loud noises but we weren’t bothered since my aunt was out cold after some free6 with me. He made me cum and he continued licking me while he inserted two fingers inside my hole and finger fucked me. I came once again and he licked up my cum looking in my eyes while he showed me how he enjoyed the taste of my cum.
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