Sex Story of the Day

House owner is so sexy

She asked me to fuck with my dick. I thought to wear of condom but it is not there at that moment so I left the idea there and started to fuck her I slowly made her legs apart and kept my cock inside her cunt it wasn’t going inside as it was tight. She told me that she help me and asked to fall in bed. My dick was standing as I am in bed; she slowly stood and kept my dick in her cunt. She turned down her legs and sat on my lap with my dick inside her cunt. She was moving up and down slowly. I wasn’t satisfied with the position and said to her she agreed and told me to go on for 5min as she enjoys the position. After that she stood up and took me out of bed made me stood to the wall and asked me to hold her thigh she came close and I hold her thigh slowly moved her towards me she hold my dick and kept inside her cunt.

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