Article : Creating Sexual Chemistry

While it’s common knowledge that women tend to gravitate toward money and power, many eligible bachelors don’t boast either. However, the true Player recognizes that the key to fireworks lies in sexual chemistry — that powerful and deciding factor surrounded by an aura of mystery. As a responsible member of the Player community, it’s your job to cultivate those subtle sparks and fan them to a roaring flame in record time.

But not every curvaceous target will sense these sparks, so you might have to get a little creative. Your past conquests probably give you security and confidence, but even the best can’t guarantee chemistry every time. Let’s say you want to score with that smokin’ bartender who always tops off your drink for free, but she isn’t responding with the requisite level of interest. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and create sexual tension, even if chemistry isn’t immediately evident.

Let’s initially adopt the scientific definition of sexual chemistry, which is “a natural, mutual romantic attraction between two people which results from a mixture of physical attraction and natural, mutual personality-based rapport.” Of course, that’s kind of wordy, so I’ll break it down to something more accessible: You need to adapt to her personality and make a few moves that point toward physical attraction — even if she’s not “feeling it.”

You probably want to close the deal quickly, so I’m going to focus on doing so in a single night. The following are some hints and tips to make that bartender switch gears from neutral to overdrive.

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