Sex Story of the day

Computer Training

I wet my finger with her juices dripping from her cunt and pushed it in her anus. She cried with pain, since that was the first time any object was ever tried to be pushed into her rear. I asked her to be more patient and continued finger-fucking her butt. Then I increased the fingers to two and started more roughly. She kept of crying silently. I asked her whether she was ready to be fucked from rear. She replied,” This is the first time ever you have asked something from me. How Can I deny it? Just be a bit slow” I nodded and got my cock into position, right next to her small anus. I tried to insert slowly the head of my cock in her ass. She kept on biting her lips and not to let any sound out of her mouth. Slowly, after some time her anus adjusted to my cock and was firmly gripping all around it. My cock was a quarter inside her ass. I waited for a couple of seconds and without giving her any further notice gave my cock a really hard push. She could not hold it this time and cried loudly,” Oh my god! You have tore my ass. I think I am going to die” I told her that there will be nothing to worry as it was her first time and everything would be all right. I slowly started moving my cock in and out of her ass and slowly she stopped crying. Now she had tears in her eyes, with all the hard effort she took to take my rod inside her hot little ass for the first time. I started pressing her buttocks mercilessly and started slapping them with my hand. She enjoyed it till it became rougher.

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